Sail On Your Own Boat Without Having to Buy It

Date: 21-10-2017

You like sailing but you don't have a boat?  ❤️
☛ Become a member of Fanautic Club and sail on your own boat without having to buy it or pay for its maintenance.
You're still in time, last places!!
☛ We offer you a magnificent fleet of Sailing and Motor Boats, so that you can choose the boat that suits you best.
☛ By means of a comfortable annual/monthly subscription, you will have the boat you have chosen as if it were your own, without having to worry about anything.
☛ We have at your disposal a 24h telephone for any emergency.

Fanautic Club is the leading sailing club in Spain. With more than 60 boats in motor/sail fleet and based in 23 ports, it offers you the smartest, most flexible, fun and economical formula to Sail in a boat as if it were your own.