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Date: 16-11-2017

For only  50€/month, we bring you the Sea!

In Fanautinc we think that you deserve to enjoy the sea. Therefore, we have created a product where you can learn how to sail in a safe way:

Do the educational training course with us, even if you have a licence or not, and become an expert skipper.

Have a look at the content and become part of the leading Sailing Club in Spain, Fanautic.


  • • Boat parts: we get to know our boat properly.

    • Manoeuvring and docking: we learn to manoeuvre our boat.

    • We do a proper anchoring with our boat.

    • We learn, improve and/or perfection our sailing skills.

    • We learn how to handle and use the electronic instruments on board.

    • Night sailing.

    • Introduction to fishing, marine reserves and environmental awareness.

    • Rescue at sea, safety and auxiliary boat operation.

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Base partner offer

Sail & Learn for only 50€/month, it's a sport for a lifetime!