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Luna Nueva, Navegando con Estrellas Hasta Cabrera - Cn Ràpita


2 bronze



per person

1 Available places

New Moon, sailing with stars

Taking advantage of the new moon, which is when we have the only moonless night that occurs once a month, we will set sail at sunset towards the island of Cabrera, one moored in our buoy, we will have dinner and we will settle in to enjoy a blanket of stars without pollution. light, neither from Mallorca nor from the moon, thus hoping to be able to enjoy shooting stars and if we are lucky and there are no clouds, we can even see the Milky Way.

Common matter: Warm clothing Headlamp

* Each crew member must bring their food and drink for departure.

* These departures may be canceled if there is not a minimum of 3 crew members per boat, if the weather conditions are unfavorable or if the base considers that it should not be done for any reason related to safety. If the base itself cancels the departure, the members already registered will recover the credits spent when registering

event detail

start date :

05 Nov 2021 h.16:00

end date :

06 Nov 2021 h.08:00

price :

120€ per person



Base and port

Mallorca - Sa Ràpita

Para participar a este evento
contacte con nosotros.

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