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Subscription terms

The subscription period is one year and the invoice will be charged monthly. The subscription is renewed yearly.
The price depends on the different yachts and bases as well as the different types of memberships; MEDIUM MEMBER, FULL MEMBER, STAR MEMBER, WEEK & WEEKENDS etc. Consult our webpage on which membership and yacht suits your needs.
Yes, as long as there is availability. The subscription to Fanautic Club initiates for one year from the moment the contract is signed.
Yes, there is a ten days trial period. If you are not satisfied with Fanautic Club we will give you a refund.
No, the concept of co-ownership is a very complicated subject, so the members of the Club are not co-owners of the boats. The Members simply enjoy sailing in a flexible way without concerns or compromises.
The consumption of fuel is paid by each member. In the case of power boats, the boat will be given with and must be returned with a full tank. In the case of sail boats the refueling depends on the captain.
Depending on which yacht you chose, Master of pleasure craft (PER), Basic Skipper or higher qualifications are necessary. If you don’t have any of these licences, Fanautic Club offers an easy and comfortable Start Program that gives you the chance to get the licence through one of our associated schools and get the special training on our boats.
No, but if you have any experience or knowledge about how to safely skipper a boat, Fanautic Club will recommend you to do one of their training programs anyway. With the guidance from our best instructors you can start sailing immediately.
The members subscribe to a yacht in a specific port. However, you can use other yachts from other bases paying an extra fee decided by the manager of the other base, if there are yachts available.
Yes, there can be a maximum of two people sharing the membership as long as both have the necessary licence and experience.
Yes, apart from the Membership program, Fanautic Club offers a special program for those who wishes to own their own yacht, but in a smart way, enjoying the convenience and flexibility that Fanautic Club offers. For more details, please consult the Owner-Member Program on our web.

How the Club works

Yes, our yachts are available for the members to enjoy all year around, except the dates reserved for maintenance and refit.
There is a maximum of six FULL MEMBERS, or what is equal in MEDIUM MEMBERS. Our program is made up so all members can choose the preferred dates for their trips.
All members are guaranteed the use of the yacht. As a FULL MEMBER, minimum 7 days a month; 2 trips on a weekend and 5 trips during the day/night on week days, as well as unlimited trips free of charge when the yacht is available with only 24h notice. As a MEDIUM MEMBER, a minimum of 3 trips a moth; 1 trip on the weekend, 2 trips during the day/night on week days, as well as unlimited trips free of charge when the yacht is available with only 24h notice. Every day of the season is made up of two trips; morning 9:30 am/6pm and evening / night 6pm/9am the next day, including the night
Yes, but within the Fanautic Club seasons: -Low Season: December-January- February- March. – Mid Season: -September-October-November. – High Season: -April-May-June. – Very High Season: July and August. The trips can be joined within the same season or according to the sequence: High to Vey High Season, from High to Mid-Season, from Mid to Low Season
Yes, it is possible to book anything from a couple of hours, weekend trips or even a whole week.
With the on-line planning system iClub, it is very easy to reserve your dates up to one year ahead. As well as the possibility to enjoy the yacht whenever it is available with reserving it only 24h before or swap dates with other members.
Yes, the planning system gives you the opportunity to change your reservations as many times as you like and cancel your reservation up to 36 hours before, without any type of sanction. To make your planning easier, iClub will send you emails regularly to remind you of your reservations.
Yes of course. All our yachts are perfectly equipped to spend one or more nights comfortably.
Yes, Fanautic Club organizes different activities promoting the exchange of experiences and adventures between the members and in that way offers them to be a part of a community that shares the same passion.

Boat maintenance

Fanautic Club is responsible for everything associated with the yacht; the berth and the maintenance that is carried out by professionals. The member is only to inform any abnormality as soon as possible.
Fanautic Club does a complete wash-down once a week. Members are only responsible for a basic clean after each use. With our iCheck system, you can check the status of the yacht from any smartphone at any time.
Although Fanautic Club cleans the boat every week, the members are required to give it a basic clean after each trip. The basic clean only takes a few minutes; pack away the sails and the sheets, take out the rubbish and hose it down to get rid of the salt. As you would do if it was your own boat.
What happens if something gets damaged or breaks on the boat?The Member is responsible for the boat and the passengers when on a trip. However, Fanautic Club offers you an assistance insurance in case of accidents and a civil liability policy.

Become a member

Of course. We are happy to show you our available yachts in each base. Fanautic Club also offers regularly Open Day Event for new members to get to know the Club better. Please check in our calendar for dates and availability in our bases.


How does the club work?

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