A Unique Club to Share Your Passion For The Sea

A unique Club to share your passion for the Sea

Fanautic Club is an innovating and revolutionary business concept. It is profitable, up to date, enjoyable and adapted for this socioeconomic lifestyle we are living.

Our goal: To be located in as many ports on the Mediterranean coast as possible, and in the near future, the rest of the Spanish coastline.

Our mission: Bring the ocean closer to all of those who love to sail, by giving them the opportunity to enjoy a boat all year around, without having to invest, assume expenses, the countless problems and concerns that are associated with a boat.

Through an easy subscription to Fanautic Club, our members can enjoy sailing all year around from one day, a weekend or a whole week with complete freedom, alone or in company of family or friends.

Our innovating and exclusive Reservation Programme iClub has an organized calendar so that members can easily and independently reserve the dates for their trips. This is an efficient way for both members and bases to manage the use of the yachts.

Our Members

Have, depending on their membership, a minimum of half day trips each month, as well as unlimited Last Minute trips that can be accessed less than 24 hours before, free of charge.

iClub will manage the trips in an efficient and flexible way so the clients can design their own personalised calendar.
FANAUTIC CLUB will take care of the clients’ training and maintenance, supervision and cleaning of the yacht, plus organising activities for the members during low season.

The same as a tennis club or a gym, our clients/members will not have to worry about anything, our product will always be ready for use.

Amongst other things, the setup of the Club allows the members to meet others with the same hobbies as them in the activities we regularly organize, and in tale away foster the feeling of the exclusiveness it means to be a part of this collective

Our Loyalty program, having agreements with the main multinationals in the country, guarantee our clients continuation and their great satisfaction with the product.

The Market

Enterprise Association emitted a total of 36.445 official nautical certificates in Spain in2013, distributed in this way:

mercado-2013 nautico

Captura de pantalla 2015-06-01 a las 13.57.30

Paradoxically, that same year a total of 3.023 boats registered, distributed in these lengths:

The competition

Fanautic is a new business model, therefore there is not much real competition.

The only other approximate options for those who are passionate about the sea, are the Sailing Clubs where the concept is similar, but do present several significant differences:

- Usually they manage several businesses at the same time.

- They are not specialised.

Therefore, their products do not progress

They promote their products using the Clubs’ boats without control

They DO NOT do significant recruitment campaigns

They DO NOT have the evolving and improvement spirit

They DO NOT have the support of a central base

They DO NOT have an I+D department

They DO NOT have reservations nor management technology

Do you want a good business?

The franchise

Fanautic concedes franchises to certain profiles, that are experienced and service orientated, or related to the nautical industry.

Coordination and the ability for the bases to work as a team is fundamental, as well as understanding and dedication to the business.

For our national expansions we look for young or experienced people, self–sufficient with initially part-time dedication, but with the intention of dedicating themselves full-time when certain goals are made within a short/ medium period of time.

The already established businesses with portfolios of clients, nautical professionals, boat rental businesses or shipyard representatives are our preferences when it comes to considering expansion.

La franquicia Fanautic certificado registro franquiciadores


Know how Fanautic Club in marketing and the functionality of the business


Management operating system licence


Help in the search and management of the first boat in the `Owner Member` model;

soporte marketing


5 years

Administrative support

Legal support with contracts for clients and Owner-Members

Management of informative applications via corporative web

Training on how to use the operating system

Press release management, calculation of related costs for advertising, ongoing monitoring of positive responses to advertising.

User manuals: systems, marketing, activities, loyalty and conservation of our members and iClubs’ operational manual

Marketing support

We include the following material;

 1.000 flyers

Promotional stand

500 business cards

First user’s manuals

Support to design recruitment flyers and Open House Day

As well as physical support and assistance in setting up of:

P.E.R (Master of pleasure boats) exam

Visit and emails to collective professionals

Open House Day

Appearance in Boat shows

eventos Fanautic Club

The bases’ advantages

  • Without any risk: verified business
  • Benefits from the other bases’ experience
  • Without expensive initial investment
  • Profit from the first months
  • Easily attainable break-even point
  • Clients committed for a minimum of one year
  • Frequent payments paid out
  • Cash- flow permanently flexible
  • We know our market: the schools, the collectives, the `Professional Schools`, our principal client’s suppliers
  • Immediate Start-up
  • Great potentiality for ex-students and certified people with no options
  • Possibility for a high profile within the sailing community
  • Compatibility with other businesses
  • A perfect complement for Sailing Schools that already exist.
  • No competition with Sailing Schools
  • Office structure already organized
  • Added value to the students/clients from the schools, collectives, etc.
  • Convenience for the Clubs’ activities
  • Constant exclusive Merchandising development from the Central Base


The constant improvement in the profitability in the different bases, is one of the Fanautic Clubs’ main goals.

In a market where high operational and functional costs determine the operating accounts for the nautical business, our I+D department constantly work on trying to discover new resources to improve their service and reduce costs.

Fanautics’ new Maintenance App, iCheck, is an accessory that permits the agents on each base to control in an easy and efficient way the maintenance status of their yachts, also creating in the user a `social responsibility, by helping the base receive immediately a report on any kind of deficiency that might occur, and this way be able to keep optimal maintenance on the yachts without any extra cost for permanent staff on the bases.

tecnología Fanautic

Members reservation management

Club is an innovative and exclusive online managing reservation system that permits the Fanautic Club members to organize their trips in a comfortable and flexible way, allowing them to book trips of only a couple of hours or several days.

iClub will keep the yachts’ calendar organized with total efficiency, without having to pay staff for repetitive administrative tasks nor the organisation and distribution of trips.

iClubs back-office allows us to manage with entirety the Club, giving us total control of the management of our members, the calendar and our fleet of yachts.

Furthermore, our recruitment system for potential members will be listed in an organized way according to the preferences of the possible clients we get throughout the management of Fanautic Club.

Administration Base Manager

The Investigation and Developing department has designed a new version of iClub, much more complete, intuitive and with new functions based on the accumulated experience of the current version.

The reports made by all our clients over time has been the basis to provide the new reservation managing program with characteristics that converts it in even an even more efficient and functional program.

The reminder email of your next reservation, the possibility that every yacht has its own personalised schedule, a more agile and efficient credit transfer or the possibility to exchange messages between the members are only some of the updated functions.

The coordination between the bases is essential and the ability to work as a team as well as an understanding and dedication to the business are fundamental.

Simulation operating account

Members and yachts 5-year projection

"Our mission is to bring the ocean closer to all of those who love to sail, by giving them the opportunity to enjoy a boat all year around, without having to invest, assume expenses, the countless problems and concerns that are associated with buying a boat."

Press summary


How does the club work?

A unique sailing club for sharing your passion for the sea



How does the club work?

A unique sailing club for sharing your passion for the sea