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Diego Orallo

Hello, my name is Diego Orollo, manager of Fanautic Club, and I would like to welcome you to the franchise section on our webpage.

Is my pleasure to introduce you to our new business model. A model that permits you to be able to work while enjoying your passion. A pleasure intended for only the most privileged.

Based on the premise that the ocean is not exclusively reserved for only a few “chosen” people, in 2012 my partner Fernando and I came up with a new concept that would get the maximum number of people closer to the ocean, giving them the chance enjoy their free time on a boat whenever they wanted, combining pleasure and sports with technology, flexibility and saving, concepts that unified what seemed incompatible up until now in the nautical world.

De esta romántica idea surgió FANAUTIC, el que rápidamente se ha convertido en el Club de Navegación líder en España.

By its comprehensive but efficient online booking system, our clients can plan their sailing trips however it suits them, and our Managing-Agents at our bases can be in full control of their yachts, ports and accounts.

For our entrepreners and members that trust in our model we propose a fun and profitable business for our members who believe in us, with a 100% satisfaction rate and unique characteristics in the industry via its daily management style.

Thanks to our new system, we have now already launched with more than 60 ships in 23 ports of the Spanish geography, and soon we will begin our adventure abroad with our first opening in Italy.

Would you like to be a part of our franchises?

Please send us your application form, and we will contact you right away for a personal interview to see if you are suitable as a franchisee.

Thank you very much and see you soon!

Diego Orallo

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A unique sailing club for sharing your passion for the sea