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Conditions of franchise

The subscription is annual and is made by payment in monthly receipts. The subscription is renewed by calendar years.
The prices vary for the different boats and bases, as well as for the different types of subscription, depending on whether they are MEDIUM PARTNERS, FULL PARTNERS, STAR PARTNERS, WEEK & WEEKENDS, etc. Consult our website for the subscription and the boat that best suits your needs.
Yes, as long as there are places available. The subscription to Fanautic Club corresponds to one calendar year from the moment the contract is signed.
Yeah, there's a 10-day trial period. If you are not satisfied with Fanautic Club, we will refund your initial subscription payment.
No, the concepts of co-ownership or timeshare have many complications associated with them, so the members of our club do not own the boats on a shared basis. They simply enjoy sailing flexibly and without compromises or worries.
Each member is responsible for fuel consumption. In the case of motor boats, these are delivered with a full fuel tank and have to be returned. In the case of sailing boats, the skipper is responsible for deciding whether to refuel.
It is necessary to have the title of Basic Navigation Skipper or Skipper of Recreational Boats or higher to pilot the boats, depending on the boat chosen. If you don't have it, Fanautic Club offers you a practical and comfortable Initiation Program, which allows you to obtain the qualification through one of our Associated Schools, carrying out a special training with our boats.
No, but if you do not have the necessary experience and/or knowledge to safely manage the boat, Fanautic Club will advise you to carry out one of its improvement and training programs. You will enjoy sailing from the beginning, but with the help of the best and most experienced instructors.
Partners subscribe to a yacht at a given port. However, they can access different boats on different bases, for a fee to be defined with the manager of the corresponding base, always subject to the availability of these in each port.
Yes, there can be up to a maximum of 2 people authorized to use the boat, as long as both have the necessary qualifications and experience.
Yes, in addition to the membership program, Fanautic Club offers a program specially adapted to those who prefer to own a boat, but intelligently, enjoying the comfort and flexibility of the unique proposal of Fanautic Club. Consult the details of the Socio-Owner Program on our website.

How the franchise works

Yes, the boats are available for our members to enjoy throughout the year, except for the dates destined to carry out the exhaustive annual maintenance and dry docking programme.
Each boat is used by a maximum of 6 FULL PARTNERS or its equivalent in MEDIUM PARTNERS and all the time is available for your enjoyment through iClub technology. Our program ensures the availability of boats according to the preferences of each member.
Each member is guaranteed the enjoyment of the boat, in FULL PARTNER mode, a minimum of 7 times a month: in the form of 2 departures on weekends and 5 departures on working days / nights, in addition to unlimited access to the times available free of charge and spontaneously with only 24 hours notice. In the same way, each member is guaranteed the enjoyment of the boat, in the MIDDLE PARTNER mode, a minimum of 3 times a month: in the form of 1 outing on weekends and 2 outings on working days / nights, in addition to unlimited access to the times available free of charge and spontaneously with only 24 hours in advance. Each day of the season is compThirteen of 2 departures: morning, 9:30 a.m. / 18:00 p.m. and evening, 18:00 p.m. / 9:00 a.m. the next day, including night.
Yes, you can do it with the limitation of the Fanautic Club seasons: - Low season: December-January-February- March - Medium season: September-October-November - High season: April-May-Junio - Very high season: July and August The departures can be moved between the months within the same season or according to the following sequence: from VERY HIGH to HIGH season; from HIGH to MEDIUM; from MEDIUM to LOW.
Yes, you can book a whole weekend, a few hours' departures or even a week's cruise.
Fanautic's iClub online planning system is very simple and completely flexible and allows you to make reservations up to one year in advance. Our technology also allows spontaneous access to the boat or requests for changes between members.
Yes, our system allows you to replan the use as many times as you want, and cancel reservations 36 hours in advance, without any loss of exit or penalty Thirteens of any kind. To help you in your planning, iClub will send you periodic e-mail reminders.
Yes, of course all boats are fully equipped with the maximum comfort to enjoy one or more nights with the comfort and relaxation of a Fanautic Club boat.
Yes, Fanautic Club organizes different activities promoting the exchange of experiences and adventures among its members, offering them to be part of a fun community of friends who share a passion.


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How does the club work?

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